Auto Locksmith

Auto Locksmith

Let our auto locksmith specialists help you with lockout opening, ignition key replacement and more.

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Commercial Locksmith

Commercial Locksmith

Our comprehensive range of expert commercial locksmith services includes emergency lock repair and key replacement.

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UPVC Door Locks

UPVC Door Locks

When it comes to UPVC door locks, installation, repair and replacement, out company in Feltham is the best.

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We Change Door Locks with Perfection

Discover the many benefits of locks and locksmiths by understanding the following FAQs as well as their answers. This is especially suitable for homeowners or business owners looking into increasing the security level of their domestic or commercial establishments.

For domestic and commercial owners who are planning to increase the level of security at their home, they can find answers to frequently asked questions here. A wide range of helpful information has been detailed in full in this comprehensive resource.

  • What should I look for in a digital lock?

    Check how many unique access codes the lock can have. They should be equal to or greater than the number of users. The more digits an access code can have, the more secure the lock will be. Pay attention to the estimated lifespan of the batteries. The more activations they can power, the better.

  • Can lock cracking cause damage to my doors and property?

    Our locksmiths have training in the latest non-destructive repair and replacement techniques. So in the vast majority of cases, our services will not cause any form of damage at all. You will be informed beforehand if we believe a procedure is likely to cause damage in any way.

  • Are safes resistant to water?

    Safes were mainly designed to protect valuable things from theft and fire. However, they are not waterproof so water may get inside and damage documents or any items that may not be water resistant. It’s best to keep your safe away from problematic locations that could be exposed to water and water damage.

  • What is time delay in safes?

    This is an added security feature on electronic safe locks. Our experts agree that it’s one way to protect valuables from theft as it could limit the number of times of opening the safe. Time delay is often 1 to 99 minutes. You can set the time that you prefer.

  • Should I replace my Euro cylinder locks?

    With the disastrous prevalence of the lock snapping that has befallen Euro cylinder locks, it is highly recommended that you do something about it – you can either reinforce or replace. These locks have proven ineffective in securing your home so repairing or installing a new lock is the best way out.

  • How can I prevent a lockout?

    A lockout situation is quite distressing with all the hassle in the disruption of your daily activities. To prevent this, regularly check if your locks are functioning. Any unusual difficulty in operating the same ought to be consulted with our major specialists. As a trusted leading company in Feltham, we provide an array of services, give us a call.

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